Website Designing Services London

Do you want a beautiful website that boosts sales? Then Genius Marketing can help. A well designed website will attract your target customer. In addition to keeping them engaged and encouraging them to return. In web design, first impressions matter! You will have approximately 30 seconds to engage each website visitor.  So what makes great web design?

Great web design begins with a clean, functional interface that is easy to use. Also it is highly responsive across different devices. At Genius Marketing, we understand the fundamental principles that determine good web design.

SEO Friendly Website Designing Agency

We offer full service digital marketing services so the website is designed to meet your business goals and maximise conversions. The Genius marketing team have produced beautiful, professional, customer centric websites that are also engaging.

Bespoke Web Design Service

All websites are designed according to your individual requirements. We work closely with each client throughout the process to ensure satisfaction. We firstly determine your goals and objectives at the outset. Then we conduct an audit on your existing web pages, if applicable. We examine the functionality, design and analytics to map out the user experience. It is also important to determine the calls to actions, content and user flows before progressing to the design phase.

Then work begins on producing a design concept. Depending on your budget this will be amended and edited until we arrive at your final design. The final design will also incorporate ecommerce functionality if required.

Design Elements

A professional website will deliver instant credibility for your brand, evoking a positive emotional reaction from the visitor. The web elements we concentrate on are:

1. Functional navigation that’s intuitive and user friendly

2. Appropriate use of colour, graphics, animation and video

3. Effective use of font type and headlines that are easy to scan

4. Engaging content that is well organised and relevant to the target audience

5. Copy that is optimised for search engines

6. High impact call-to-actions

Final website design

Your final web design will see all of these elements flow together to keep website visitors engaged and interested. It will be designed to be used with a content management system (CMS). Which allows you to edit, delete and update content quickly and easily.

Hence, your final website design will be ready for development. Whether that’s with an in-house developer or with an agency. Genius Marketing will hand over all design documents and style guides to the third party of your choosing.  And finally we will also review the final live version of the site to ensure it flows as it should and looks as good as the initial design.

For more information, please do get in touch.