Video Production

Video production is one the best investments a small business can make. The combination of both audio and movement in video makes concepts much easier to understand for the viewer. Using video on a website homepage can engage a visitor’s attention, encouraging them to stick around on the page and learn more. Video content can be used to introduce a new brand or product, for customer testimonials, to educate an audience and thank customers.

Furthermore, if you want to scale your social media and digital advertising content, video is an immensely powerful way to do so. Promotional videos are a great way to generate brand awareness and drive actions, even on a small budget.

The benefits of using video content:

Catch the consumer’s eye - video has been proven to attract more consumer attention than any other form of content.

Show product or service demonstrations - consumers prefer to watch a demonstration or tutorial about how a product works than read about it.

Measure views and click-through rates - you can see exactly how often someone watches a video and at what point in the video they exited.

Lower bounce rates - video content on your website can improve your overall SEO (search engine optimisation) as it increases the amount of time visitors spend on it.

Video has higher conversion rates compared to other forms of content

Creating video content with Genius Marketing

Video has become such a natural part of the web browsing experience, it is a quick way for brands to engage with their audience. When used right, it is a powerful way to curate the viewers buying journey. But there’s a big difference between doing video and doing it right.

The team at Genius Marketing understand video content. Whether you’re looking to tell the story of your brand, advertise a new product or promote an event, we can help. Get in touch and get a free quote today.

How can Genius Marketing help you with video content

We offer the following services for video production:

Video content strategy

Producing video ad campaigns

Scripting and storyboarding

Staging and Shooting

Editing and Sound Editing

For more information, please do get in touch.