Social Media Strategy

Do you need a social media strategy? At Genius Marketing we have helped lots of brands build successful social media strategies. As well as implement and manage their social media content and advertising.

Firstly, an effective social media strategy ensures that all of your social media activity has a clear focus. And it goes beyond simply posting. Therefore, while getting your voice into the social space is a good start, you also want to make sure that everything you are posting is maximising the opportunities for your brand.

Your Social Media Strategy With Genius Marketing

The social media strategy will clearly outline your overall objectives, target audiences and the channels best suited to grow your audience.  Therefore, your dedicated Genius Marketing social media manager will work with you and your team by conducting a social media audit. Next, once our team has a good sense of the goals, metrics, network preferences and competitive landscape, we can devise a framework to guide your social strategy. And finally the finished framework will:

Define Your Objectives

Identify Target Audiences

Clarify Key Messages, Tone Of Voice and Band Guidelines

Create A Content Plan For Each Social Media Platform

Identify Internal Training Needs

Recommend A Budget And Other Controls To Implement It

Social Content Creation With Genius Marketing

As experienced content creators based in London and Dublin, we work closely with our clients throughout the process of designing and curating the content for social media. In addition, the team ensure effective communications throughout. Furthermore, they manage a clear but flexible content timeline and schedule system.

For example our Genius Marketing team can create:

Customised branded posts

Professional photographs

Animated or live action videos


How can a Genius Marketing social media manager help grow your business?

By outsourcing the daily management of your social media to our team in Genius Marketing, you can focus on growing your business. Your dedicated social media manager will roll out your social media strategy, creating a positive and active community for your brand online. They can create and manage your social media advertisements, your customer service queries and monitor competitors on a daily basis.

For more information, please do get in touch.