Social Media Management

Are you struggling with your social media management on a daily basis? But you want to utilise the power of social media to grow your business. As the world of social media continues to expand and evolve, a social media manager at Genius Marketing can help you build relationships, increase website traffic and boost sales.

Firstly, building an online profile and growing followers can be a very time consuming and often frustrating task. At Genius Marketing, our team can help you create a social media strategy to guide your social goals, maximise targeting and monitor results across platforms.  Furthermore, we offer content creation services to ensure your content is customised, focused on driving an action and branded.  Some of the main reasons for hiring a dedicated social media manager are:

  • You don’t have the time to do social and need some help
  • You already manage your social media but aren’t getting the results you want

Therefore, outsourcing this function to one of our experienced social media managers means you can focus on growing your business. And while they create a positive and active community for your brand online.

How can Genius Marketing help you?

At Genius Marketing our social media managers are equipped with the knowledge and experience of all social networks. They also have the tools and resources at hand to develop and maintain your online brand. Furthermore, they possess the skills needed to target and engage audiences who are most interested in your product or service.

We design, create, style and curate great content. Moreover, we know how and when to post the right content that will engage your audience. Content creation and social media marketing can be very time consuming tasks that most businesses cannot dedicate enough time to each day.

Therefore, hiring a Genius Marketing social media manager means gaining access to a team of professionals in Dublin or London with varying expertise. Our team stay on top of key social media trends and understand the platform insights, metrics and reporting capabilities. We can also manage the day to day of all your social media accounts, including social media advertising.

Your Genius Marketing Dedicated Social Media Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated social media manager to learn about your business, develop a strategy and produce a social media tactical plan.

Your social media manager will be available via email or an agreed online messenger service. This allows you to be in constant communication.

The social media manager will research your business and its external and internal environment. They will then map out buyer personas and recommend a content strategy.

The content strategy will define the organic and paid strategies for you to evaluate. Once agreed, we will begin the implementation process.

Your dedicated social media manager will monitor all social media activity (comments, messages, reactions and shares), reply to customer service and other queries and schedule content agreed on in advance by you.

Monthly reports are prepared for you to review and you can schedule regular online meetings to discuss progress.

How can a Genius Marketing social media manager help grow your business?

Brand Awareness

A good social media manager knows the audience,  ensuring your followers match the demographics, interests and behaviours of your target customers.


Building a community

Building a strong community online results in higher engagement. Higher engagement plays a critical role in the visibility of your content and results in better reach.


Increasing website traffic and on-site conversions

Social media management can boost your website traffic and directly increase the number of leads you acquire each month. We focus on content that drives referral traffic to your website.

For more information, please do get in touch.