Effective exterior and interior signage is a powerful communication tool used to attract customers. Signage can also be a cost-effective form of advertisement to build brand awareness and promote individual offers. Moreover custom signs will help to differentiate your business from the competition and build customer confidence.

Brand Exposure

Effective signage enables your brand to create a strong and consistent visual identity. Which adds credibility to your business. Because it allows you to expand on your brand narrative, you have control of your brand image. And therefore can tell a clear and compelling story.

Hence why Genius Marketing offers full-service signage design and print solutions. Therefore we understand effective signage is all about beautiful design and professional print. We create visually stunning and impressive custom signs for print requirements of all sizes.

Signage can also be a very cost-effective marketing strategy. Depending on your location, once designed and installed, there are no further costs until a re-design is required. And the sign is in place 24/7, meaning it has the potential for substantial reach.

Audience Reach

Even in the digital age we live, driving and footfall figures constitute a huge audience to target. Prospective customers will often judge a business based on how it looks from the outside. To ensure you give a great first impression, a customised sign can ensure you communicate the right message at the right time.

Your signage requirements may be informational, directional, for identity purposes or advertising.

Our key rules for design include:

Keep it simple: the message on your sign should be clear and concise

Include a call to action

Ensure all branding guidelines are adhered to

The signage design process

The Genius Marketing team in Dublin and London work closely with clients to create signage solutions based on specific requirements. Firstly we start the process with in-depth research. Walking in a potential buyer’s shoes to observe how the space is used and determine what are the key communication points. Next, we examine which locations are optimal for placement(s). Finally, we determine what type of sign is most suitable (digital or static display). In addition to which size works best and the number you need.


Our creative team will design your interior and exterior signage.  Ensuring consistent branding across all work. We have good relationships with the best national printers and sign installers who can access, install and remove signs. In addition to banners, building wraps to external and internal facades.

For more information, please do get in touch.