Genius Marketing offers professional retouching services to clients who need to produce high quality images at affordable rates. Our skilled retouchers and digital artists have years of experience in photo editing and design.

Retouching is the process of preparing an image for final presentation. And there are various types of retouching that can clean, enhance and improve the overall image aesthetic. Hence retouching allows the basic structure of the image to remain. And because it doesn’t alter the existing qualities of the image, it creates more uniformity in the visual. Therefore, it goes beyond airbrushing and involves the use of multiple professional photo editing programmes.

We offer retouching services such as:

Basic retouching and repairs of pictures, cleaning of image and removing unwanted elements

Lighting adjustments, image sharpening and clarity

Modifications to images including enlargements, enhancements

Model Image Retouching

Genius Marketing offers basic to advanced editing services. Our digital artists can apply glamour retouching to images, that enhances the model’s look. In addition to giving them a digital makeover. Or alternatively you might want the model to have a more natural appearance, which we can accomplish through retouching. For example, we can adjust the skin tone, correct red eye and dark circles, remove blemishes and re-adjust contours to achieve the finished look. Our editors can manipulate photos to create unique and abstract designs, including photo montages, collages and image blending.

Product Image Retouching

Our team can help you with product images that you want to use in print ads, digital ads, magazine features or an ecommerce store we can clean and enhance those shots. Our editors can also remove or replace unsuitable backgrounds in product shoot images. Additionally they can correct low-quality photos or those containing blur or grain. Our editors use professional editing tools to enhance image quality and enhance their aesthetic.

The benefits of using our professional retouching services include:

Delivery of high-quality, high resolution images for advertisements, websites, magazines and marketing collateral

Fast turnaround - we can deliver your finished images within a short time frame

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