Packaging Design

Did you know you have 3 seconds to sell your product to a customer when they scan a shelf or scroll online? In that time, the buyer will evaluate several elements and make a very quick decision to pick it up or move on.

Packaging tells the story of your brand! It communicates key information about your brand to prospective customers and ignites their curiosity in your product. It is also an immersive experience for buyers, as they can touch, see and even hear the package in some cases. Therefore an effectively designed package encourages buyers to choose your product over a competitor’s.

Grab your customer’s attention

Colour is the first packaging element customer notice when browsing, whether that’s in-store or online. Innovative packaging is important during the buying process since it gives value to the product. However, consumer research has proven that all packaging elements are very important including quality of material, practicality, design during the buying process.

Packaging design process

Genius Marketing offers full-service packaging design solution. Our team in London and Dublin create visually stunning and impressive custom packages for individual product requirements. We work closely with our clients to ensure satisfaction at every stage of the packaging design process. Whether you are launching a new product or redesigning an existing one, we can help you.

It starts with the process to establish the best options for your new product packaging. Firstly, we will establish a budget for your new packaging. Then we need to determine:

What is the story of your brand -give us the background on your product. Why did you create it?

Who is your target audience? Where will it be sold - in store, online or both?

Your unique selling point. What makes you different and what specific benefit can you offer?

What you like and don’t like. You know your brand better than anyone else so what are your preferences when it comes to packaging?

Who are your competitors - do they have similar packaging, price points and shelf-space?

How many units you intend to produce each month?

Once we determine the basics of your new package design, we discuss details such as colour, font, copy, imagery and materials to refine your finished look. We then present the concept to you via a digital mockup that will resemble the final printed package.

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