Having a recognisable, high-quality brand identity draws prospective customers to your business. It is the first thing that clients or customers notice. Evoking an immediate emotional reaction. However, creating a great brand identity is only the beginning. Therefore the next step is to effectively communicate your brand message to the target audience through marketing collateral.

Certainly any point of contact you have with potential customers is an opportunity to promote your brand. While marketing collateral is designed to communicate your brand message to your, whether that’s in-print or digital format.

Our collateral design services

At Genius Marketing our team can help you produce branded visuals and media designed to create a professional and engaging experience for your customers. We ensure that all collateral is consistent in all areas of your campaign. Hence this ensures a unified message across all channels.

Our designers can help you create:

Business cards



Case studies


Landing pages

Sell sheets

Web banners and digital display ads

Tradeshow signs

Tailored pieces for a specific application- letting customers know you know what their challenges are.

How you can benefit from marketing collateral?

Help you customers along the buying process journey with persuasive marketing collateral. Looking at some of the most popular forms of marketing collateral on the market:


Brochures are the most widely distributed of all marketing materials. Hence they offer an opportunity to showcase a brand. In addition to providing detailed information about business features using text and graphics.

Brochures should be designed to get the customer’s attention. They can be particularly effective when launching a new product or business, creating brand awareness.

Landing pages

Landing pages, also known as lead capture pages or destination pages, are single web pages that appears in response to clicking on a search result or online ad. These web pages provide highly targeted messages for a product or promotion. Hence the aim is to entice the customer to learn more or buy direct. They are a great tool for providing focused information and help to increase conversion rates.

Furthermore, landing pages should be used for every inbound ad campaign you run. Multiple landing pages can be created for different market segments. Delivering targeted messages to those audiences. These pages are great for growing brand awareness and pushing a promotion.

White papers

A white paper is an authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic. The content presents a problem for the reader and provides a solution. Therefore they are a great way to educate an audience about an issue. White papers can be used to explain how to solve a problem step-by-step. Therefore, they present a great opportunity to capture a lead.

Additionally, white papers are a fantastic resource during the sales process. Showing the reader how you can help them. Likewise they help your customers learn more about what you do to build a strong reputation. At Genius Marketing we can research, write and design professional white papers.

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