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Integrated Marketing Agency

As a small business owner, you have more choices than ever regarding how and where to promote or advertise your products and services. An integrated marketing campaign allows you to apply consistent brand messaging across marketing channels. This includes more traditional channels such as print advertising and direct mail. In addition to web-based advertising,  social media and mobile marketing channels.

Why use integrated marketing elements in your next campaign?

Different marketing channels have different advantages and disadvantages. And while there is no one winning formula to building a successful integrated campaign, there are steps that businesses and marketers can take to maximise effectiveness. At Genius Marketing we can help you from campaign conceptualisation to integration.

Great integrated marketing campaigns go beyond a single message replicated across every channel. They tell a compelling story that connects to the core value of the brand. A truly integrated initiative drives promotional campaigns across a range of high-value channels while maintaining a consistent message to the target audiences.

Building a marketing campaign with Genius, Integrated Marketing Agency

Building an integrated marketing campaign with Genius Marketing

Carefully examining your marketing strategy or alternatively working with you to create one before the campaign planning stage

Determining which parts of the marketing funnel you want to target

Discovering which topics are more popular with your target audience

Plotting all customer touch points with your brand across the customer lifecycle

Creating a list of channels you will need to integrate and align with the same messaging

Our experienced team will determine which marketing channels and activities to include in your campaign. We will make recommendations based on which ones will best help you reach your business objectives. . These may include:

TV, Radio and Print

Search PPC ads


Content Marketing

Social Media

Landing page

White paper


Product page



Once the campaign goes live, our team monitor and measure campaign performance. Monitoring online comments, mentions and campaign hashtags all help us track and evaluate performance which allows us to respond in real-time if need be.

The integrated marketing agency team at Genius work closely with the client from start to finish. They report on campaign reach, sentiment and response. They also make recommendations to alter or tweak campaign elements during the lifecycle if necessary. Upon campaign completion they will produce a final report and present the findings of the campaign, including a detailed look at the campaign key performance indicators.

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