Direct Mailers & Flyers

Did you know that the median return on investment (ROI) for direct mail was 29% in 2018?
There is no disputing the fact that the rapid advancement of digital technologies has presented a transformational opportunity for marketers. However, while the digital environment offers new channels and increased interactivity, the online advertising space is now saturated.

This has, in turn, has created an opportunity for the return of direct mail. In fact, the effectiveness of it has been enhanced by the growth of digital technologies.

Why is direct mail effective?

Direct mail is an excellent way of building an emotional connection with your target audience. Consumers are more likely to open, read and absorb the information on a piece of direct mail than digital forms of advertising. Mail is a very personal form of communication and 6 out of 10 people surveyed still like checking their physical mailbox.

  1. Direct mail gets attention
  2. It has a longer lifespan than digital
  3. It can be personalised
  4. It is persuasive
  5. Can be integrated as part of a digital campaign

Creating a direct mail campaign with Genius Marketing

The first step in the process of creating a successful direct mail campaign with Genius Marketing is is create a mailing list. We need to know who your target market is.

Our team work closely with clients to determine the right messaging and types of direct mail for the direct mail campaign. We will work to determine what you want to communicate to the audience and design a campaign message that resonates.

Next, once the campaign message has been refined our team will help you choose the right piece of mail. There are many creative ways you can design direct mail pieces. The piece must represent who and what you are. These can include:


Sales Letters

Informational Brochures



Discount Offers and Codes

Helping you to stand out

At Genius Marketing we can create pieces that help you stand out and get attention. Everything from the typography, colour and shape of the piece to the personalisation on the envelope can help improve your response rate.

Before the final campaign is rolled out, we test mailings on a sample audience. During this phase we will test a range of variables such as type, font, graphics and offers.

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