Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you need a digital marketing strategy? There’s no doubt the digital landscape presents an opportunity for businesses of all sizes to improve the speed, relevance and reach of their campaigns. Furthermore, we’ve seen how the rapid advancement of digital technologies has been transformational for many small business owners.

So where do you begin? Firstly, at Genius Marketing- A digital marketing agency in Berkshire,  we understand that having a clear understanding of your business and marketing objectives is the first step in creating a successful digital strategy. Once we establish those, then we can talk about your digital marketing strategy.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a medium to long-term approach to planning with the goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Similar to the process of creating any other marketing strategy, your digital strategy should clearly define your marketing problem. Firstly, our marketing strategists will work to accurately determine your marketing problem. For example, a marketing problem may be “what is the best way to increase consumer demand for purchasing organic skincare from the new brand [name].”

Next, our Genius Marketing team use a digital strategic marketing framework to devise and deploy the right digital strategy and communications plan for your business. It all begins with extensive market research. Then we determine key consumer insights based on the data and information analysed. Finally, key strategic recommendations are outlined and the final document contains all the details you need to fully implement your new strategy.

What is contained within the strategy document?

The strategy document will contain:

  • Situation Analysis – we dedicate time to researching your business and its’ internal and external environment. We want to understand your capabilities, your customers, the industry you operate in and identify your competitors.
  • Business and Marketing Objectives – clearly defined business and marketing goals and objectives set out over a timeframe.
  • Strategy
    • Customer segmentation
    • Targeting
    • Positioning
    • Marketing Mix
    • Value proposition
    • Branding
    • Content marketing strategy
    • Channel strategy
    • Social media marketing strategy
  • Tactics, Controls and Implementation Guidelines

How can Genius Marketing help you create a digital marketing strategy?

We are an international marketing agency in Berkshire consisting of a team of experienced digital marketers based in Dublin, London and Berkshire. Specifically, we can research and develop a clear digital strategy for targeting the most profitable customer segments. Hence providing innovative ideas on positioning brands. In addition to creating brand identities and design concepts that fit with your brand’s values.

Additionally, we provide services to help you fully implement and manage your digital marketing strategies such as digital marketing management, social media management, content creation services and email marketing.

For more information, please do get in touch.