Content Strategy

Are you sharing content that isn’t getting engagement? Or has your content reach declined resulting in low feed visibility? Then Genius Marketing can help.

Content creation without a strategy can result in inconsistent content with no theme, style or purpose. Hence this can negatively affect your brand’s reputation.

In contrast, a carefully crafted content strategy can help you attract and engage customers. It can also help you build trust with customers and prospects by delivering content that is interesting, entertaining and valuable. Moreover, content marketing is a highly effective way to reach and interact with prospects and customers.

What is a content strategy?

So what is a content strategy? Why do you need one?

Simply put, a content strategy is a high-level vision that dictates future content development with the aim of generating qualified leads.

Our Genius Marketing content strategists in London and Dublin create content marketing plans with the goal of generating qualified leads. We can achieve this by increasing organic traffic, growing your fan base and boosting engagement (fans, likes, favourites and follows). We also offer a content creation service to help you implement your strategy. Additionally, our team can design, style, curate, schedule content. As well as interact with people who respond to the content and analyse results.

How can Genius Marketing can help you?

The Genius Marketing team have extensive experience in creating successful content marketing strategies for a wide variety of brands. We start the process by looking at:

1. Your business - We want to know everything about your brand. For example, it’s values, your products/services and your route to market. What is your value proposition?

2. Your customers - We profile your customers to determine who they are, where they are and who influences their purchases. Furthermore, we build detailed buyer personas based on their demographic and behavioural information, aiming to understanding how and when they consume content.

3. Your competitors - We examine what your competitors are doing and map out how you can successfully compete against them in the market. We will look at your direct competitors in addition to your content competitors who are fighting for your audience’s attention.

Components of a content strategy

1. Brand guidelines. Firstly, before jumping into the components of a content strategy, we need to talk about what existing brand guidelines. If you don’t have a brand style guide, we can help you create it. Before creating content we need to determine the voice, tone, language and personality of your brand.

2. Marketing objectives. Your content strategy must align with your marketing objectives. What are your key objectives? Do you want to create brand awareness, educate existing customers about a new product/service or change consumer perception? Do you want to drive an action? And do you want to target customers locally or globally?

3. Buyer personas. Creating detailed buyer personas help content strategists to define a group for a consumer brand or a narrow segment with specific demographics and behaviours. We create personas based on extensive research and data and present 2-3 typical buyers with details of age, gender, household income, location, education, family status, occupation, interests and hobbies and online behaviours.

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As experienced content strategists based in London and Dublin, we work closely with our clients throughout the process of designing a content strategy. We ensure effective communication with clients and present a digital marketing vision that can easily implemented by your in-house team or a content specialist. We also offer content creation services.

For more information, please do get in touch.