Campaign Strategy

Marketing campaigns go beyond just advertisements. They leverage multiple mediums, use a series of messages over a concise time period and support the positioning strategy of the marketing strategy.

Therefore there are many factors that can influence the creation and execution of a campaign strategy. These include market dynamics and patterns such as seasonality. In addition to product availability, competitive forces and benchmarks in the industry.

Building a successful campaign strategy with Genius Marketing

The campaign strategy process at Genius Marketing starts with planning. First and foremost our expert marketers work closely with clients to understand their marketing strategy and communication plans before planning individual campaigns. We will determine:

Which part of the marketing funnel you want to target.

What types of campaigns have already been run in the past. We will discuss and evaluate their varying levels of success.

Which topics are popular with your audience? What do they value and more likely to interact with?

Together we will set campaign goals and determine the key performance indicators. For example, this may include sales revenue, cost per lead, customer value, landing page conversion rates, organic traffic or no. of downloads to name a few.

Next, following on from stage one, the creative team get to work. You don’t need a large budget to create effective and memorable campaigns.  At Genius Marketing our experienced team can build a creative and innovative campaign that incorporates:

Online media, including interactive ads and banners on websites

Print media

Social media

Direct mail



Events and trade shows

Search engines

Outdoor media

Successful marketing campaigns follow a theme and include a detailed structure that incorporates a multi-channel approach.

Finally, the last stage involves campaign ‘go live’, monitoring and measurement. Our Genius Marketing team also ensure the integrity of every campaign through careful analysis. For example, by monitoring online comments, mentions and campaign hashtags we can track and evaluate campaign performance which allows us to respond in real-time if need be.

Upon completion, we will produce a final report and present the findings of the campaign, detailing the campaign key performance indicators.

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