Let’s build a great brand together! Branding is what connects a company with its customers. Hence, it is a combination of values, promises, emotions and desires. At Genius Marketing we understand the power of branding. Like the important role a strong brand strategy plays in a business’ success.

Firstly we work closely with our clients to visualise a future for their brand. So the strategy process begins by doing in-depth market research, analysing trends and determining key consumer insights.

SME Brand Strategy Document

Research will focus on the target audience, the brand experience, positioning, key trends and content planning. Your final strategy document will consist of a clearly defined:

1. Brand positioning statement

2. Brand promise

3. Brand differentiators

4. Brand personality

5. Brand story

The strategy will also comprise of our recommendations for the visual representation of the brand:

Naming and identity

Voice and messaging


Brand Identity

If you are satisfied with our recommendations and happy to proceed, we can help you design the brand identity and bring your vision to life. Every aspect of the brand identity is carefully crafted. Like the images and colours to the typography, font and style. Overall, we immerse ourselves in the process to produce a brand identity that conveys your vision, values and message.


The Genius team in Dublin and London can also create brand guidelines for your new brand.  Helping you and your team create consistency across all marketing collateral you intend to produce.


Once completed, we can further help you promote your brand in-store, online, in marketing collateral and at all brand touch points.

For more information about SME brand strategy planning and SME branding, please do get in touch.