Brand Identity

Do you need a recognisable, high-quality brand identity? Your brand identity is the visual representation of the values of your brand. It draws prospective customers to your business. Thereby instilling loyalty and trust in them. Certainly, it is the first thing that customers notice. Evoking an immediate emotional reaction.

At Genius Marketing, we understand the power of branding. Therefore we create visual manifestations of your identity that communicate your values and tell your story. Our team can create a new brand identity that will inspire customers. Which in turn will help you promote your brand and grow your business.

Brand identity process

Our Genius Marketing team work closely with clients throughout the design process to ensure satisfaction. Firstly, the identity design process begins with market research and key consumer insights. Next, the information and data are used to design your brand vision.

Finally, the design team carefully craft your brand identity. From the images and colours to the typography, font and style. Above all, we immerse ourselves in the process to produce a brand identity that conveys your vision, values and story.


A successful brand has to be clear in communication across lots of communication and sale points. We will ensure your finished design can be used in:

Product packaging, print and signage

Exterior environments - Shop front or office

Online - Website and digital advertising

Social media

Point of sale - In store and customer service.

Brand assets

Your final files will consist of:

Ownership of all artwork and design rights

Document containing colour codes and fonts

Digital files sent to a designated cloud storage service or agreed email

High resolution and vector files ready for print (JPEG, EPS)

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