Your brand identity is who you are. It is the visual representation of the values of your brand. Also it drives the creative decisions in your marketing. Hence why having a professional brand guideline document in place is crucial.

Having a highly recognisable brand is what every business aims for. How do you achieve that?  It’s all about consistency.  As a target audience, we develop trust and loyalty towards a brand the more we view it.

Brand guidelines at Genius Marketing

Developing a successful, memorable brand begins with creating brand guidelines. This document for internal use contains vital information about a brand’s aesthetics. For example how it looks, feels and sounds. Furthermore, brand guidelines ensure brand consistency across all your marketing collateral.

Your guide will capture what makes your brand unique. It is a concise document that can also include the company’s mission statement, legal restrictions and copyright usage as well as detailed buyer personas and audience targeting. Also, it states what brand offers to customers and how you want the brand to be perceived.

Our Genius Marketing team in Dublin and London create professional brand guideline documents for clients of all sizes. A document that will certainly be useful for designers, marketers, web developers and product managers.


Every brand guidelines document will contain the following components:

Logo size and placement

Colour palette



Photography style

Details specifics for web

Tone of voice to be used

The brand guideline design process

1. Get in touch

Contact us at Genius Marketing and tell us about your brand. Give us some background information and let’s chat about the story of your brand.

2. Brand identity

If you need us to work on developing a new brand identity before we move onto the guidelines, we can help you.

3. Goals

We will then do some audience research and together we will determine your company’s values, mission statement, long and short term goals and your USP.

4. Buyers

We build detailed buyer personas for 2-3 customers, including demographics and behaviours.

5. Guidelines

The final creative style guide contains all usage guidelines for design and copy as outlined above.

For more information, please do get in touch.