During a career spanning sales, marketing and advertising I’ve built an encyclopaedia worth of experience from hundreds of successes, some spectacular failures and a healthy sprinkling of near misses.

My broader business experience has honed a keen commercial awareness that I now use to help my clients make more money. I hate the word “expert” but SME marketing is definitely my thing. Find out more about my career.

Why Genius?

Aside from being an actual genius?! Just kidding. I’m smart, but not that smart. Before marriage, my initials were EMCC or E=MC2. Plus the quote on the homepage sums up my philosophy better than I ever could, hence the name!

As the business evolved, I used “genius” as a yard stick for team members and partners. I’m proud of what we do and need to work with people who can help set the standard for SME marketing. Meet the gang.

Where do you come from?

Celtic born and bred, I started life in Cornwall in the UK. Then I spent 8 years in London where the idea for Genius Marketing was first dreamed up. After that came 4 establishing the marketing agency in Dublin and then back to just outside London, discovering that I love big cities and hate public transport. Our team is split between London and Dublin, so we’re basically a London marketing agency without the price tag

The company was born out of a need to live every day doing the stuff I really love, helping businesses progress by uniting good people with outstanding ideas and products.

I believe it is possible for myself and all the companies I work with to be driving big profits and doing great business, in a set up where everyone is left smiling at the end of the day.

What are you really like when you’re not in work mode?

Never more than half a step from laughter, if you were being nice you’d say I’m chatty, warm and friendly; if you were being less generous, I talk too much!

I love spending time with friends and family, travelling, reading, eating amazing food, drinking good wine at the weekends and I adore babies and animals, either my own or other peoples I’m not fussy!

For more information, please do get in touch.