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Genius is a full service agency in Berkshire offering the full range of high quality services you’d expect from a branding agency, advertising agency and marketing agency. We’re specifically set up to provide a broad range of services to medium sized enterprises  through one provider, allowing us to support you in project execution far better than a host of unconnected niche firms.

We understand that many medium sized enterprise s in Berkshire and further afield either have a single person responsible for marketing, or else a very small team. This leads to those individuals having to do an awful lot with a limited amount of time. The last thing they need is to sink most of that time into coordinating a vast pool of different vendors to develop their brand, execute their advertising campaigns or support the delivery of their marketing strategies.




If you’re looking for a branding agency in Berkshire or neighbouring counties, then you’ll struggle to find one with a more robust branding process to building, developing and managing brands than Genius.


  • Brand creation: We don’t just design great looking, snappy sounding new identities for our medium sized enterprise clients, we actually provide evidence that they are the strongest ideas that resonate most with your target customer.
  • Brand development: Whether you’re a household name that needs a facelift or a fast growing medium sized enterprise whose progress has outstripped its current identity, we’ll update and evolve your brand ensuring that it attracts new business as well as keeps your existing customer base engaged and loyal too.
  • Brand management: We ensure that your brand manual is worth more than the paper it’s written on. We ensure compliance across your medium sized enterprise without alienating the workforce through regular audits and monitoring, great training, easy to use templates and more.





Our advertising agency offering gives you access to top tier creative professionals who’ve held senior positions in leading traditional and digital creative agencies, working on huge global brands. As your Berkshire advertising agency, we’ll not only come up with clever ideas and classy creative, we also provide smart campaign strategy to support your wider marketing objectives and help execute the campaign through excellent production management capabilities.


  • Advertising campaign strategy: All the cool creative in the world means nothing if it doesn’t achieve its commercial objective, so we make sure we’re not just providing ads that look good but ones that really work too.
  • Advertising creative: In our world of fleeting focus, impactful, impressive ads aren’t just desirable, they’re essential if you’re to snag even a second of an ever decreasing pool of customer attention. We’ll make sure your ad is the one that gets those valuable moments of consideration.
  • Advertising production management: We have great relationships with printers, publishers, sound engineers, studios and much more across Berkshire and further afield, allowing us to bring your chosen ad ideas to life without you having to lift a finger.




Whether its interim support until you get sign off on a new hire or more long term support for your medium sized enterprise, we’re a Berkshire marketing agency that has developed a cast iron reputation for smart thinking, proactive support and ultra reliable, high quality execution.


  • Marketing strategy & planning: Senior marketing strategists and planners add heavyweight marketing knowledge and methodology to your medium sized enterprise, enabling your brand to punch above its weight in its chosen sector.
  • Marketing management: Need people you can rely on to get stuff done as well as you’d do it yourself? Look no further, those extra pair of hands are right here.


If you’d like to see whether what we do can help your medium sized enterprise achieve its business goals, drop us a line using one of the channels above and we’ll help you explore the options.