If you want your brand to actively contribute to your business growth and profitability, you should talk to us. Our 5-step brand origination process is the most robust in the industry, featuring in depth market research, multi-directional creative development, plus full service production, roll out and launch services.

  1. We conduct customer surveys, interviews and market mapping to find messaging and positioning niches that will resonate with your customers and make you stand out from the competition.
  2. We pursue a minimum of three different creative directions at once as we iterate your new brand identity, ensuring we reach your new brand as quickly as possible.
  3. We plan out every aspect of the branding project and engage in robust asset mapping, so you can be sure that everything is ready in time for launch and nothing is left unbranded or with your old brand on it.
  4. We provide comprehensive brand production and roll out support, taking a lot of the burden off your in-house team when it comes to rebranding or launching a new brand.
  5. We design an effective brand launch campaign that leverages all our brand building experience to engage your customers, staff and industry in your new identity and get it delivering value into the business from day one.

We love working with medium sized enterprises who understand that a brand is more then a logo. The ones who are excited about developing and using every facet of their identity to help their company succeed.

An example of our medium sized enterprise brand identity creation and roll out:


Brand research & identity development – defining what your business stands for.

Logos, colours, tone of voice, styling, brand guidelines, all that good stuff.

Branding implementation (rebrand or brand launch).

Brand management, audit and monitoring for medium sized enterprises.

Brand evolution – taking your existing identity and reinventing it so it feels fresh.

Still not sure what you should be doing with your medium sized enterprise brand?