What’s in a name? Well, a little and a lot. Our belief is that a name and an identity have to reflect your brand values. So it’s not a case of any name will do. But the real strength in a brand comes from how you use it once you’ve chosen it.


Can you imagine choosing Apple, Nike or Google from a list of other possible options and being sure you were right and could build a global empire off the back of that name? We can’t. Building a brand isn’t just about choosing a logo or a colour palette, it’s about what you do once those decisions are made.


We love working with small businesses and SMEs who get that a brand is more then a logo. The ones who are excited about developing and using every facet of their identity to help their company succeed.

An example of our SME brand identity creation and roll out:


Brand research & identity development – defining what your business stands for.

Logos, colours, tone of voice, styling, brand guidelines, all that good stuff.

SME Branding implementation (rebrand or brand launch).

Brand management, audit and monitoring.

Brand evolution – taking your existing identity and reinventing it so it feels fresh.

Still not sure what you should be doing with your SME brand?