Tell us about your working career to date and what brought you to Genius?

“I was working as a waiter in a greasy spoon down by the docks in Dublin- bacon butties, sausage sarnies, you know the story. In walks this burd and orders eggs benedict”.

OK… that’s not really how it happened but it’s a good analogy. I was freelancing in an unremarkable creative shop in Dublin and was teamed up with Emma, also freelancing. It was creative cordite/dynamite/plutonium… whatever your creative catalyst, we applied it in spades until it was time for a change.


What do you like most about your role?

Creative solutions that make people smile. We get a lot of clients saying ‘wow, it’s not what we expected’ or they’ll say ‘we never knew you worked at this level’… and that makes my day. Many agencies have an ’us and them’ relationship with clients. At Genius we’re in it together, as the line says, we work for you.


What do you like to do outside of work?

Music, both playing and listening. Music has been a harbour for my soul since I was a kid. It’s saved me from cigarettes, probably drugs and it’s a wonderful way to connect with people – like creative ideas I suppose. Also typography. If you suffer from insomnia I’m available for hire at a very reasonable rate and I guarantee I’ll send you into a deep coma while describing the virtues of Baskerville Bold and Mrs Eaves. And finally, fly fishing. It’s not about catching, it’s about thinking up new expletives as you’re made a fool of yet again, by a fish.


Any recommendations on music/podcasts/boxsets/movies/apps that you have downloaded/listened to /watched recently and why?

I’m an analogue man. I’ve only just discovered podcasts and love BBC Sounds, which is a treat as the analogue radio reception where I live is crap. I don’t watch TV ‘cos I use a monitor a lot during the day and I don’t understand binging on box sets, that’s just a generation-gap thing. I’d plumb for our Genius values – trust, honesty, respect and empathy – in any order you like.