(Converse wearing) Design Genius
Tell us about your working career to date and what brought you to Genius?

I’ve always been creative and enjoyed drawing and building models and despite taking completely the wrong A-Levels I managed to get onto the Industrial Design course at the old Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, I loved it! After graduating and working briefly in an art shop selling watercolours to old ladies, I moved down south and worked for Toys R Us on their instore signage which was great until they wanted me to write store instructions. I was far more interested in the design aspect so moved to a promotional merchandise agency in Staines which would give me a more diverse and creative role, not only did I have the opportunity to work on concepts and product development for companies such as Sony, but I also honed my graphics and packaging skills and worked with some fabulous people.

After 10 years there I decided to go freelance in 2015 and that’s where Genius comes in, Emma was my first sparkly new client in a “new world” and I’m sure she’ll agree it’s been a fun rollercoaster ride since then!


What do you like most about your role?

I’m not sure where to start! I like making things work, being given a suite of assets or creating my own, and putting them together into attractive, engaging documents is what I love doing and ensuring our clients have exactly what they want and exceed their expectations. I like jobs that make me think and are a challenge and I also enjoy learning new skills and improving the ones I already have. It’s those Eureka moments and happy clients that make my day.


What do you like to do outside of work?

Hobbies now or the back in the olden days, circa February 2020?? I’m a very sociable animal so enjoy meeting up with my mates, normally over a drink or 2 and if possible, with some football on a big screen too, I’m a Villa fan so I’m riding the crest of the wave at the moment. I play football every Sunday, love a nice long walk with something entertaining in my ears, enjoy a gig, no matter what the size and with any luck I’ll be in a field at a festival at some point this year. My New Year’s resolution is to cook more and do more of my own artworks.


Any recommendations on music/podcasts/boxsets/movies/apps that you have downloaded/listened to /watched recently and why?

For movie recommendations, I’d better message one of my sons, but I like sci-fi (I’m a self-confessed Star Wars geek) or a good old gritty British crime drama like Luther or daft London based Guy Ritchie style movie. I generally have Radio X on while I’m working so anything on their playlist is good and I’d suggest checking out Nothing But Thieves and Declan McKenna from last year and Catfish and the Bottlemen always make me work faster! I’m a 90’s Indie kid at heart and also have an affection for old soul too and I’m a shoe in for the music round at pub quizzes. I love Danny Wallace’s podcast on Radio X as well, “Dinner Winner” is hilarious.