8 unintentionally funny ads for Friday

8 unintentionally funny ads for Friday

So, last Friday I was saw this little gem of a tag line/sponsorship/event match up appear in my Facebook feed:

I’d had one too many glasses of wine to do anything other than find it amusing and pop it into my list of entertaining ads I’d seen which prompted the poster to ask to see the list.

Unfortunately there are a few belters I couldn’t find but here are a selection of highlights I had stashed away.

We’ll start with an easy one…

And continuing with the washing powder theme, one for all those who believe there’s no such thing as too much…

Now this next one will either creep you out, make you laugh or both…

There’s so much to love about this, not just the concept which is pretty special but the dude’s expression just adds to it.

I’m sure that this is a totally compelling offer in Botswana but like the Barf powder, doesn’t really travel well…

This is another recent addition that divided the ranks. To be fair a lot of the Irish viewers were more outraged than amused but I’m a bit sick in the head and always have been.

And now for a companion in the “may offend” category, this little beaut that has to be my all-time favourite for WTF were you thinking?

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