The Brick

Are you tired of hearing the words COVID-19, lockdown, unprecedented, circuit breaker, the “new normal”? Yes, me too and it got me thinking…

We can all get carried away with words that fit the present moment and soon enough get tired of them. That is why it’s important to be adaptable in situations that we aren’t expecting.

There have been some defining moments this year where brands have adapted campaigns, chop and changed things last minute to create a better/stronger message. But some brands have been doing this for years because it’s in their DNA – Apple.

I used to work for Steve Job’s company some years ago and I was completely hooked on the forward thinking and of course Steve’s genius mindset. He once said “Sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.”

COVID-19 is our brick.

Now, we can’t all be trillion-dollar companies, but we can be brands that can be more flexible and pioneering.

If you need inspiration, then go back to the basics and look at these key elements –
– What brand are we trying to build?
– What does it represent?
– What are our core values?
– Who are our customers and what is our message to them?
– How are we different?

I am working with clients at Genius Marketing that are going through this exact process and it has been fantastic to see the progress made. But more importantly, our clients are learning to be more adaptable and that should never stop.