New Year, new start, new marketing?

As we kick off a brand new year, the temptation may be to outline a whole bunch of new initiatives; you may wish to try a dazzling array of new techniques and plan to test all the different channels and ideas that you never got around to this year.

There is only one small problem with this plan, if you haven’t already tried something chances are you haven’t got time for it or it wasn’t a high priority in the first place. Another big risk with starting a whole new marketing plan for the New Year is that you stop doing all the things that you have been doing that work well. It’s natural, almost part of human nature to want to continually try new things to have variety, we get bored of doing the same thing over and over again, but in marketing sometimes it’s necessary to do repetitive work in order to achieve the result we want.

We’re not saying don’t try anything new in the New Year, but just because little cautious; remember all the diets you started and gave up three weeks later, the habits that you swore you’d break that crept back in in just a few days. The New Year is a time where we can often fall prey to unrealistic expectations, we can put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve the unachievable when in fact would have been better off doing what can do and doing it well.