Business consulting

Our remote business consultancy service is designed to work with restricted budgets, time constraints, limited resources and any number of other factors that typically occur within small and medium sized businesses.

Over a decade in business management has given us valuable knowledge of successfully starting, running and growing a business. If you're looking for a committed, experienced and effective partner to take your brand to new heights, or you've an amazing product or service that you're looking to take out into the world, you know who to call.

Genius is a small business that understands small and medium sized businesses. Prices start from £450 per solution, making effective consultancy accessible to all but the most cash strapped of the world's one man bands.

We offer business consulting in any of the following areas:
  • End-to-end business evaluations (like an MOT for your company)
  • Business growth planning
  • Financial control, planning & forecasting
  • Sales process, forecasting & structure
  • Team building, structure & recruitment
  • Management & mentoring

Contact us for more information or a free, no obligation quote on achieving your business goals.