What's in a name? Well, a little and a lot. Our belief is that a name and an identity have to reflect your brand values. So it's not a case of any name will do. But the real strength in a brand comes from how you use it once you've chosen it.

Can you imagine choosing Apple, Nike or Google from a list of other possible options and being sure you were right and could build a global empire off the back of that name? We can't. Building a brand isn't just about choosing a logo or a colour palette, it's about what you do once those decisions are made.

We love working with small businesses and SMEs who get that a brand is more then a logo. The ones who are excited about developing and using every facet of their identity to help their company succeed.

An example of our SME brand identity creation and roll out:

Services include:

  • Brand research & identity development – defining what your business stands for.
  • Logos, colours, tone of voice, styling, brand guidelines, all that good stuff.
  • Branding implementation (rebrand or brand launch).
  • Brand management, audit and monitoring.
  • Brand evolution – taking your existing identity and reinventing it so it feels fresh.