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One of the things we get asked for more than anything else is to create a robust digital marketing strategy for our clients. Which we do with pleasure. But some businesses that are just starting out can't afford to have someone create their strategy for them. So, we decided to compile a list of digital marketing strategy essentials to help them out:

Have a digital marketing strategy goal 

Small businesses (and larger ones) often end up dabbling in various aspects of digital marketing because they think they "should" be doing them. This leads to a disjointed, sometimes contradictory and usually ineffective resulting output. Before you begin writing your digital marketing strategy, think about what it is you hope digital marketing will achieve for your business. You can have multiple business goals that align with your digital marketing strategy, you just need to make sure every element of that strategy then aligns with one or more of your goals.

Keep your website updated

Whether you can afford to have your digital domain custom designed and polished by internet artisans or you're using an off the shelf template, you should still put time aside at least every month to check your website content and ensure it is up to date. Evaluate every piece of content against it's contribution to your goals outlined in the previous point. Is it doing it's job? Could it be working harder?

Do one or two aspects of digital marketing really well

Another common mistake is to try and include every channel and tactic in your digital marketing strategy. If you have limited time and money to execute your digital marketing plan (which, let's face it, most people do) then this will lead to your efforts being so diluted as to become ineffectual. You're better off choosing one platform, one set of tactics and going really deep with those for a period of 6-12 months and then trying something else if you don't see any results.

We hope the pointers help and give you an idea of the sort of stuff we talk about on the Smarter blog. If you'd like help creating your digital marketing strategy, then you know where we are.